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Ironcloud <> OpenAI Cybersecurity Grant Program Application Proposal
A Comprehensive AI-Driven Approach to Cybersecurity Defense

Our project aims to leverage cutting-edge AI technology to develop an all-in-one cybersecurity defense solution, with capabilities for incident triage automation, advanced vulnerability detection, automated patching, and security best practices awareness among end-users.


As cyber threats grow in both sophistication and frequency, cybersecurity defenders are faced with the increasing challenge of maintaining a secure digital environment. This initiative proposes a proactive, AI-powered cybersecurity solution designed to empower defenders by automating routine tasks, detecting threats earlier, and enhancing overall system resilience.

Project Overview

Our project will focus on four main areas that align with the project ideas suggested by OpenAI:

  1. Automated Incident Triage: We will use AI to analyze and prioritize security incidents based on severity, potential impact, and other factors. This will allow for faster response times and more effective allocation of resources.

  2. Advanced Vulnerability Detection & Automated Patching: We aim to build an AI system capable of identifying security issues in source code and automatically patching vulnerabilities. This will ensure timely updates and minimize potential attack vectors.

  3. Security Best Practices Awareness: We propose to develop a user-friendly AI tool to assist end users in understanding and adopting cybersecurity best practices, helping to reduce human error – a leading cause of cybersecurity breaches.

  4. Memory Safe Language Porting: We will create an AI tool to aid developers in porting code to memory safe languages, thereby reducing the risk of memory corruption vulnerabilities.

Project Implementation

Our team, composed of Software Developers, Cybersecurity Experts, System Reliability Engineers, Network Security Architects with top-level security clearances, Data Scientists, and AI Specialists, will implement the project in three phases:


  1. Phase 1 - Research & Development: We will conduct rigorous research to understand the current cybersecurity landscape, identify gaps in existing solutions, and set parameters for our AI models.

  2. Phase 2 - Model Training & Testing: We will gather and label data from cyber defenders to train our AI models. Rigorous testing will ensure the models' effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

  3. Phase 3 - Deployment & Evaluation: After the successful testing phase, we will deploy our AI tools in a controlled environment and measure their effectiveness in improving cybersecurity defense.

Budget Allocation

Our requested grant of $200,000 will be allocated as follows:


  1. Data collection & Labeling: $30,000

  2. Model development & Training: $50,000

  3. Testing & Deployment: $40,000

  4. Hiring Data Scientists & AI Specialists: $60,000

  5. Evaluation & Report Writing: $10,000

  6. Contingency & Miscellaneous: $10,000


Public Benefit & Sharing

All developed tools will be licensed under an open-source license to ensure maximal public benefit. We will also share our findings and learning materials through online platforms, webinars, and workshops to elevate discourse at the intersection of AI and cybersecurity.


Through this proposal, we aim to contribute significantly towards changing the power dynamics in cybersecurity. By leveraging AI, we can shift from reactive to proactive defense strategies, giving defenders the edge over attackers. We thank OpenAI for the opportunity to apply for this grant and look forward to potentially contributing to this mission.

Saul Waizer

Founder and CEO

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